The cost of starting or not…continued.

Joshua Gold
3 min readDec 28, 2020

What are you really missing out on when you decide not to start something?

Below is a list and a short one at that. Though I picked these because of their significance in one’s life and the world that we live in and have a major effect on every day. We don’t think Big enough. We don’t think that what we do or don’t do matters to anyone besides ourselves. When the truth is the complete opposite.

The cost of starting that project or not…

The cost of starting that relationship or not…

The cost of starting that conversation or not…

The cost of starting a family or not

The cost of starting that company or not…

The cost of starting to read that book or not…

The cost of starting to develop a new habit or not…

The cost of starting to eat healthy or not

The cost of starting to exercise or not…

The cost of starting to love yourself or not…

The cost of starting to see the world differently or not.

The cost of starting that project of not….has an effect on all those that would be affected by you starting that project. All the people that would be working on that project with you. The contribution that they would have on it. The relationship that would develop because of it.

The value that you would add to people’s lives when they use it or read it or participate in it. Whatever It is… the project.

The people that are employed because of you starting the project. From the software company that you are using for project management to the platform, you are using to deliver the course.

Or the venue you have rented to deliver that talk and the seminar that you are holding.

What we do or don’t do affects the lives of so many people. So think BIGGER. Start that project and have an effect on your and others worlds.

You ask what if the project fails. Then move on and start another project and so on.

Continue to contribute to the world we live in. No matter how small you think your contribution is, it's much larger than you imagine.

The cost of starting that relationship or not…is something that I am in the middle of right now. Coming out of a relationship about a year ago I am asking this of myself. Do I want to start another relationship? Do I want to be exposed to being hurt again? My heart is a bit heavy as I write this. It brings back memories. Memories that if you want something you need to fight for it. We don’t fight enough for the relationships that we are in. I wish for once we did. I digress though.

Happiness…or rather the lack of happiness in not starting a relationship and not risking what is worth the risk. Sharing yourself with another person who understands you. Someone who you feel so close to that at times you are one. You think that starting that relationship is all about the two people in it. Though it extends out so much further.

For example, if you are happy then everyone you come in contact with experiences its effects. Maybe you are more patient. Maybe you listen better and am a better friend to others.

Maybe just maybe you want to buy flowers for that person or a card to say Hi. Now the florist or the card manufacturer profit from your relationship. What about your friends, and family who love you and want to see you happy. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should start a relationship just to satisfy other people. Not at all. All I am saying is let us stop for a moment and see how our actions affect people in our lives and even larger than that. That world.

I know this might seem silly to some of you and maybe it is. Though I feel it is important to get out of our own way and not start something because of FEAR. Not start something because of our EGOS. People are relying on you starting that something in your life. People you don’t even know. That is how the world works. Make a contribution and push your Fear and Ego aside and Start something right now!



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